Also popularly known by the name of Rabós d’Empordà, which means rough with cork trees. The village is near the river Orlina, the meaning of the name of this river it’s because centuries ago the sand of the river contained gold particles.

It’s a town dedicated to the agriculture, but especially his deeply rooted on the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards. Once you arrive the first building you see is the wine cooperative that distributes, in addition to different types of wine, a really appreciated Moscatell, which has an aromatic and is well formed.

Today, most houses in the village serve as a second residence for people looking for tranquility, as have some artists like the British novelist Martin Shuttleworth and the painter Joan Comella. There is a restaurant in the village, Can Tomas, where the traditional regional cuisine is offered at a really good price.

The beautiful area of these lands swept by the strong wind called Tramontana are full of history and culture, which are also ideal for hiking or cycling. These places have been inhabited since prehistoric times, hence the different amount of megalithic remains (Menhir of Mas Roquer, Graves runner Coma Felis, Dolmen Comes of lloves, Dolmen de la Devesa, Dolmen of Solá, Dolmen Gibert) . But it also has a great religious cultural heritage with the renowned Monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera or tenth century Romanesque parish church of San Juliá fourteenth century.



We offer many excursions along the Costa Brava, following long-distance routes (GR), small tour (PR), local trails (SL) and Itinerànnia network. Also, you can discover the foot paths along the coast which provide lovely views of the beaches and coves of the Costa.


The imposing ruins of the ancient Benedictine monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera still leave us a glimpse of the medieval splendor of this monastery, declared a national monument in 1931. The oldest monastery news is the X century; but in the year 935 the first church of Sant Quirze, replaced later by which it has come to this day he devoted himself.