Selva de Mar (La)

Selva de Mar (La)

La Selva de Mar is a small village located just 2 kilometers away from El Port de la Selva, in the genuine interior of the Empordà region. It is situated at the bottom of the southeastern slope of the Verdera Mountain -also known as Sant Salvador Mountain-, which belongs to the Rodes mountain range.

The village occupies a small valley that is not far from the coast, but is not visible from the sea. This situation is given in many other coastal towns that were hidden in similar places to protect themselves from piracy attacks. The inhabitants from La Selva de Mar were the founders of the fishing village of Port de la Selva, which has now become larger than La Selva de Mar.

Within the village there are many second residence properties belonging to people who look for the tranquillity of a small town with a beach nearby.

The urban core has old houses made of slate slabs –an abundant material in this region-, some cobbled streets, small stone bridges, semicircular doorways made of slate slabs… All this sets a beautiful example of the architecture in our region.

Unlike El Port de la Selva, La Selva de Mar has been forgotten by the tourist boom. However, a significant number of holidaymakers come to the village during the high season and the weekends.

If you want to find yourself with the beauty and tranquillity of the Alt Empordà region, do not hesitate and come to discover this quaint little village called La Selva de Mar.



The DO Empordà Wine Route brings to you into a tradition deeply rooted in our country, dating back to the Romans. Now, you can enjoy this part of our gastronomic identity, discovering all the secrets of DO Empordà wines.
The wine culture is breathed in the territory and the towns of Llançà and Roses are a good starting point to discover it.
Although you can enjoy activities and events throughout the year organized in different wineries, restaurants and museums, there are two great moments in the calendar as the celebration of Vívid the Wine Festival (a lot of experiences around the world of wine) in April and the Wine Show in September during the grape harvest.

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Cap de Creus Natural Park

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