Vilamaniscle is located north of the county of Alt Empordà, in the province of Girona. The municipality has an area of 5.40 km2. Bordered on the north by the end of Llançà, to the south and west by Garriguella and Rabós.

Places of interest:

Vilamaniscle Castle
Vilamaniscle Castle is a large fortified manor consisting of three floors and castle only has the name. It is difficult to date. Located high in the village and around the houses are built there. The castle has a baroque shield.

Sant Quirze de Colera
The Monastery of Sant Quirze of Colera (municipality of Rabós) is about 20 minutes (by car) from Vilamaniscle along a forest track in good condition that comes from the same village, northwest. It is an ancient Romanesque monastery under restoration. His visit is recommended both for the artistic value as the landscape that surrounds it, a small secluded valley. About 100 meters to the east there is the Source of Light where water normally goes round. Currently there is a restaurant that has been integrated in a former stable.

Church of San Gil
Small building that only has d'una ship with semicircular head and is dated around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Looks like it was a chapel belonging to Santa Eulalia de Novas (current Garriguella), a fact that may explain the separation between church and village, about 300 meters to the fourteenth century. Upon setting is the town cemetery.

The Standing Stone - Menhir Mas Roqué
It is believed that it was built around 3000 BC Located at the town of Rabos, this menhir is documented in the seventeenth century by the name of Stone or Stone Right Fita. Between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries had nailed an iron cross with the intent to "cristianitzar" a monument that was considered pagan and evil beings play the dominant religion. The 1941 Joan Amades published the legend of this menhir, which says that the buried part of it is so great that underground comes with its tip to touch the sea, which is at a considerable distance. Therefore, the inhabitants of the area believed that applying the ear to the rock sound of the waves was heard and, according to its intensity, were uncertainties about the state of the sea. It was also said that the stone or transpirava was often wet due to contact with the sea.

Dolmen Dofines
Megalith entirely retains two slabs and a fall, and largely covered and important remains of Tumul. The material used is the board or llicorella, which belongs to the same geological terrain landscape. As for fat slab, its dimensions are some consideration since it has an area of 3.60 m2 and is calculated about 2,016 kg. Has entirely disappeared from the tomb header, plus stones other possible camera and / or entry.

Routes in Roses

Routes in Roses

Do you like to walk, ride a bike and be in the middle of nature? Roses is the perfect place to discover the Costa Brava in the wild.
Thanks to this website, you will discover a new way to enjoy nature: you can consult many self-guided routes in the area, including downloading an application with hiking trails, family excursions, trekking, mountain biking, etc.
Example of routes through Roses: walk up the Cap de Creus / Puig de l'Àliga to see the whole bay of Roses / Camí de Ronda from Roses to Montjoi, etc.

Rutes per Roses
Ecotourism in the Costa Brava

Ecotourism in the Costa Brava

To discover the coast of an ethical and sustainable way, you will be able to find many proposals in this web. You will find information about the Center of Reproduction of Turtles of l'Albera, on where being able aprendre "birdwatching" to Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls, etc.

Water park

Water park

And for families, a very good option is to spend a day at the AQUABRAVA water park in Roses.Enjoy the aquatic pleasures in AQUABRAVA and spend the most fun and exciting day of summer in a place full of freshness and fun.A park where to experience with family or friends great sensations with its attractions.

Visit Roses

Visit Roses

Roses also offers many cultural proposals such as the following guided tours:
- The citadel of Roses: from the 4th century BC and collects vestiges of different occupations of the last thirteen centuries. It has been declared a historical and artistic group in 1961.
- The Castle of the Trinitat: military construction of the year 1544 in the form of a star. This unique castle allows you to see spectacular views of one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
- In the Masies Coll of Roses and Perafita (Bodegas Martín Faixó) you can discover some of the wines of the Empordà and make visits with wine tasting and vineyard lunches.

There are some proposals offered by Roses and its surroundings, to know everything you can do, visit, the restaurants where you can try typical Catalan cuisine, etc ...

Visita Roses


The DO Empordà Wine Route brings to you into a tradition deeply rooted in our country, dating back to the Romans. Now, you can enjoy this part of our gastronomic identity, discovering all the secrets of DO Empordà wines.
The wine culture is breathed in the territory and the towns of Llançà and Roses are a good starting point to discover it.
Although you can enjoy activities and events throughout the year organized in different wineries, restaurants and museums, there are two great moments in the calendar as the celebration of Vívid the Wine Festival (a lot of experiences around the world of wine) in April and the Wine Show in September during the grape harvest.

Wine Cellar Mas Llunes in Garriguella
Vívid: Wine Festival
Wine Cellar Hugas de Batlle in Colera
Wine Cellar Empordalia in Vilajuïga
Visit Llançà
Wine Cellar La Vinyeta in Mollet de Peralada
Wine route DO Empordà
Kayak on the Costa Brava

Kayak on the Costa Brava

Paddling in the magnificent surroundings of Cap de Creus and Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Parks is an unforgettable experience. With friends, with family, with your couple or alone, we are sure you will enjoy kayaking, the sea and the natural resources of this part of the Costa Brava and the Alt Empordà region.

SK Kayak
Diving in Roses

Diving in Roses

Do you want to discover the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and dive in the Parc de Cap de Creus? Here are some companies in Roses that propose this service.

Busseig a Roses 1
Busseig a Roses