Costa Brava and Alt Empordà


Starting from the top, Llançà, and ending below, Roses, or vice versa, this is a path you can not miss if you visit the Costa Brava. No matter what time of year it is!

If it is summer you will enjoy the great views in addition to fantastic swims in beautiful beaches. If it is spring or fall, why not make a stop at a nice restaurant overlooking the sea and recuperate eating the best fish. And, if it’s winter, indulge yourself in the tranquility that invites to reflection in these unique landscapes in Catalonia.


Llançà is a small fishing village in the north of the Costa Brava, near the border with France. Known for its wild coastline with nice little coves and beaches surrounded by unique natural areas: Cap de Creus and the Albera; along with its rich heritage, make it the ideal place to spend your holidays either with your family, partner or friends.


Roses is a town of Mediterranean culture with a marked tourist and fishing tradition. It is situated amidst a unique natural setting, north of the Costa Brava, less than 30 km from the French border, 65 km from Girona and 160 km from Barcelona.

Port de la Selva (El)

El Port de la Selva is a small fishermen’s village located in the north of Cap de Creus, on the Costa Brava. It extends from “El rec d’en Feliu” to the “Galladera” coves along the coast and borders inland with the towns of La Selva de Mar, Llançà, Vilajuïga, Pau, Palau, Roses and Cadaqués.

Selva de Mar (La)

La Selva de Mar is a small village located just 2 kilometers away from El Port de la Selva, in the genuine interior of the Empordà region. It is situated at the bottom of the southeastern slope of the Verdera Mountain -also known as Sant Salvador Mountain-, which belongs to the Rodes Mountain Range.

Castelló d'Empúries

Castelló d’Empúries is a medieval village that still conserves the architectural jewels of past times, the most outstanding of which is the Church of Santa Maria (13th century), known as the Cathedral of the Empordà. The area, watered by the placid waters of the Muga and the rec del Molí, is home to the headquarters of the Aiguamolls Natural Park, in a place called el Cortalet.


Palau-saverdera is a village of about 1,500 inhabitants in the Alt Empordà region, located at the foot of the southern slopes of the Verdera mountain range (78 m. above sea level). The village borders Roses, Port de la Selva, La Selva de Mar, Pau and Castelló d’Empúries. A large part of the municipality is located within the natural parks of Cap de Creus and Aiguamolls de l’Empordà. There are also several natural areas protected by the Natura 2000 Network.

Pau (Esglesia De Sant Marti)


Pau is a municipality in the county of Alt Empordà. The municipality of Pau is located in the Rodes mountain range and on the banks of the river Muga. Pau is made up of the population entities of the town of Pau and the housing estates of Vilaüt and Olivars de Pau.


Figueres is located in the middle of Alt Empordà, in the middle of the Empordà plain, and is the cultural and tourist capital, with important offers such as the Gala Salvador Dalí Museum-Theatre and the Toy Museum. It also has the singularity of presiding over a region with two natural parks (Aiguamolls de l’Empordà and Cap de Creus) and a natural site of interest (the Albera).

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